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Voorthuizen will be the centre point of the National memorial of 65 years of liberation in the Netherlands. In 2010 it will be 65 years since the liberation by allied forces from Canada, Great-Britain, France, Poland, Norway and the United States.

The official program that has been composed by the National Committee Thank you Canada & Allied Forces contains several events that celebrate the liberation and commemorates the fallen. The tattoo in Voorthuizen is a part of the program.

Like you have come to expect from the Voorthuizen Military Tattoo the performances promise to be bigger and better than ever before. Not one but three days in a row Voorthuizen will be the one to watch for tattoo lovers all over the world.

The board is steadily progressing with the preparations for the 8th edition of the tattoo that is going to be held on the 6th, 7th and 8th of May on the newly paved terrain. This tattoo is aimed at honouring the veterans one final time in a way they will never forget. In close cooperation with TYC&AF Voorthuizen has been chosen to host this special event. The theme for this tattoo is Tribute to the Veterans.      

The governments of Canada, Great-Britain, France, Poland and the Netherlands have all promised to send at least one professional Military band.

A delegation of the national committee and the tattoo board travelled to Canada earlier this year to talk about the number of veterans that would come to the Netherlands as well as the accommodations and their means of transport. Arrangements have been made with several tour operators that will offer special package deals that include a visit to the tattoo. At least an additional 2600 Canadian students will come to Voorthuizen to meet and accompany their ‘adopted’ veteran. Canadian secondary schools have a national program to create a better connection between the past and the present. Students are assigned a veteran and read a lot of information about him in order to create a better understanding about wartime life.

With all of the facts mentioned above the tattoo will be of a size Voorthuizen has never seen before. The board realizes it is taking a big step in going from a regional event to an international one. This is why the organisation has been reviewed and renewed. Technical support from the Tattoo of Edinburgh has promised to help with the preparations as well as other professionals.

The gallery will have a total capacity of 6385 seats. On Thursday the 6th of May there will be a dress rehearsal for the public. On Friday afternoon there will be a show at 14.00, the evening performance will be the VIP night that starts at 20.00. On Saturday 2 shows are planned, one at 14.00 and 21.00.